Tucker Marion is an Associate Professor in Northeastern’s D’Amore-McKim School and Business, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Group where he is Group Coordinator for Academic Programs. He is also the Director of Innovation Masters programs and Co-Director of the Institute for Global Innovation Management. He is the Samuel Altschuler Research Fellow and the Bortstein Endowed Faculty Fellow. Dr. Marion’s research is concentrated on product development, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Specifically, he looks at how innovation efforts can be made more efficient and effective through the use of lean innovation techniques that include collaborative IT, digital design, rapid prototyping, outsourcing, and product architecture.

Tucker has over twenty years of experience in product design, development and commercialization. Prior to entering academia, Tucker held product development and manufacturing positions in the automotive industry including Visteon Corporation and Ford Motor Company. His expertise centered on bringing electronic systems from business case through manufacturing and production ramp. He has also started or co-founded several start-ups where he lead the design, engineering and development of over 100 projects / products ranging from consumer products to industrial systems. Products where he led the design and development effort have appeared in Popular Science, the New York Times, and others. Tucker has significant expertise in the development of electronic modules, sensors, and systems. He regularly consults with technology firms on improving their innovation processes.

Tucker also provides custom executive education to a wide variety of industries. From short seminars to large-scale innovation bootcamps, he develops learning experiences tailored to the specific needs of the firm. Specialization areas include design thinking, rapid design and development, corporate entrepreneurship, innovation strategy, and revitalizing organizational growth starting with empowered, entrepreneurial teams.

His work has appeared in publications including the Journal of Business VenturingJournal of Product Innovation Management, R&D Management, Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, Research-Technology Management, Design Studies, International Journal of Production Research, Journal of Concurrent Engineering, and others.

Tucker offers a variety of innovation education and consulting options, from short seminars to focused multi-day bootcamps to long-term embedded engagements within product teams.