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Reid, M., Hultink, E.J., Marion, T.J., Barczak, G. 2016.

The impact of the frequency of usage of IT artifacts on predevelopment performance in the NPD process

Information & Management, 53(4): 422-434.

Marion, T.J., Roberts, D., Candi, M., Barczak, G. 2016.

Customizing Your Social Strategy to the Platform

MIT Sloan Management Review

Marion, T.J., Reid, M., Hultink, E.J., Barczak, G. 2016.

The Influence of Collaborative IT Tools on NPD

Research-Technology Management, 59(2): 47-54.


May 17, 2017

Speaker, New England Nanotechnology Association Breakfast, Northeastern University


March 21, 2017

Open Innovation Workshop, ISPIM Conference, Toronto, CA. March 21, 2017.

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October 26-27,2016

Innovation Leader Teach-in at Harvard iLab

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Introducing the D’Amore-McKim MS in Innovation

northeastern mba


Guest Lecture

design thinking 2014


TECE 6222

Emerging & Disruptive Technologies

This course covers the intersection of innovation, new technologies and entrepreneurship. Topics include a review of innovation literature; the use of innovation as a competitive advantage; emerging technologies; research and development; the interplay of technological innovation, markets, and organizations; and commercializing new technologies through entrepreneurial ventures.

ENTR 6217


This course covers the intersection of product development and corporate entrepreneurship. Specifically, how small technical teams can quickly investigate opportunity spaces, develop and select concepts, and translate these into prototypes. Other topics will include industrial design, managing product teams, rapid prototyping, and commercialization your design. The course will also explore the differences in product development between physical products, IT, bio and nanotechnology.